Over 100 years of fine art pottery

Fine Art Pottery carrying the Moorcroft name first appeared
in 1897 and has enriched people's homes continuously thereafter
for more than a century. The first pieces were designed by
William Moorcroft in 1897, after which history records a
stream of prestigious awards.

Today Moorcroft pottery is still made by hand from start to finish.
The designers lines are transferred onto a raw clay pot with tracing
paper and a special ink to enable tube-liners to work their magic.
Tube-liners squeeze liquid clay out of a fine pipette along the
designer's lines to create a design outline. After that Moorcroft
painters 'float' metallic oxide colours suspended in water between
the lines. The piece is now ready for its first firing. Before a second
firing, the piece is dipped in a special glaze. The colours seep deep
into the clay prompting many to say that the colourful, almost
translucent, finish has the quality of precious stones.

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